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The Fallone Group is a third generation, family-owned new home builder and developer, creating award-winning communities for New Jersey families since 1949.

Our decades of expertise, financial strength, and commitment to building expertly crafted, and attractively designed homes has enabled us to welcome hundreds of new buyers home for over 70 years.

Why Choose Us

Building a new home is a big decision, and especially to first-time new home buyers, that process can seem overwhelming.  No one understands this better than us.  At the Fallone Group, we've cultivated a very hands-on approach to home building, through our decades of experience.  What makes us unique is the direct access we provide to all our customers, as the builder, throughout the entire construction process.  Starting with the orientation of the home on the lot, through the various lifestyle and personalization options to help you craft your own space, all the way to the post-closing warranty support we include with every new home.  The level of communication and coordination between the builder and the buyer is simply unmatched.


As a leader in land development and home building in Central New Jersey, and backed by our financial stability, we maintain the same core values that have helped our company successfully navigate through decades of growth and change. We have two members of the New Jersey Builder's Association Builder Hall of Fame in our company, as well as a former past President of the association.  We are also a licensed real estate brokerage.  Our connections and contributions to our local and state builder's associations has allowed the Fallone Group to stay on top of the latest trends, and stay ahead of the curve regarding changes in the industry.


Our roots are deep in Central New Jersey, and we've lived in many of the same townships and counties we've built our new home communities.  We want families buying a new home to have the easiest, safest buying experience possible, and to work with a builder they can trust.


Does buying a new home, offering the latest in energy efficiency and design make sense for your family?

Why Buy a New Home vs. Existing Homes

Purchasing a home can be a stressful experience, it's typically one of the largest investments we make during our lifetimes.  Buying an existing home, can be even more stressful.  Replacing older appliances, remodeling outdated kitchens and bathrooms, and tearing out old flooring is an all too common experience.  We've all been there.

Building a new home solves many of these problems.  The earlier you're involved in the process, the more you can personalize and create a home you'll love from day one.

Through our in-house customization process, utilizing our extensive Option Book, and our continually updated Selection Room packed with hands-on samples of the very things we use to build your home, we do our best to take the stress out of building.

Through every step, you'll feel a part of the process.  When your home is complete, and the end result is a direct collaboration between you, and your builder, us.

New homes built today are more energy-efficient than new homes built even a decade ago, and vastly more than older homes.  Increased energy-efficiency standards, building code updates, utilization of Low-E glass windows, increases in insulation, energy-efficient appliances, and more air-tight construction means more money in your pocket, all year-round.

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