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Interested in Selling Your Property?

The Fallone Group is always pursuing the acquisition of land throughout New Jersey. We have a long history of successfully working with landowners, to accommodate their needs, and respect their current arrangements.

We have spent decades working with governments, townships, and landowners to extract the most value for property owners, while also providing benefits to the local community. Even if you are not ready to sell your property, we would be happy to speak with you, to illustrate the approval process, and discuss the potential value of your property. We work with a team of professional engineers, planners, and attorneys who have successfully guided other properties through the land development process.

We have purchased properties that have development approvals in place, we have taken farmland through the entire development process, and we have purchased properties in between.  We are one of Central New Jersey's leading experts in land use and development.


Please let us know more about your property below.

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